Just for the time needed for your business in Rome, It’s possible to benefit immediately from a strictly discreet and stylishly furnished office (at your own Exclusive Use). Every office is suitable for one or more workstations according to your needs, and it’s ready to house you and your clients. Reception and secretariat services are included (from Mon. to Sat. From 08.00 am. to 09.00 pm.) Internet bills included. There’s also the opportunity to buy prepaid packages from a minimum of 10 hours/half day with the possibility of customized fees and payments.


The Virtual office service addresses to old or new Companies and allow them to use our Business Center address for their legal head office or a separate branch, and also for the opening of a new Company, or of a representative office in Italy (with the opportunity to exhibit a customized plate at the entrance of the building). By communicating it to the Enterprise Registration Office, to the Chamber of commerce, to the Internal Revenue Service, etc… you can easily receive all the legal documents addressed to you at our offices. The Domicile of your documentation is included.


Our offices are equipped to carry out your meetings in a professional and efficient way. They are stylishly furnished and reception and secretariat services are included. Once booked, the office can be used for the hours needed. Renting the room our client will dispose of a furnished and naturally bright office, equipped with one (or more) telephone with a direct line towards the outward and also towards our reception. It’s possible to require some equipments (if available) with a payment of an extra fee, such as: Teleconference; Projector; TV video Led; Magnetic board, etc… Internet costs are included. Some of our equipments are included in the price if you choose one of our InOffice formulas.



The optimal solution for those who do not need a fixed office, but a headquarters or representative to 360 ° . At InOffice you can open an Office Virtuale.in just an hour and no cost starter , with the instantaneous assignment of a postal address ( street address ) , an unlisted phone number , a fax number and an secretarial service ( Monday to Saturday lunch break 8:00 to 21:00 ) qualified and multilingual with personalized answer , to answer calls and receive messages , mail , and faxes addressed to you . information in real time or after a long day of everything that concerns you : visits , messages, phone calls , faxes , correspondence, etc .




  • Furnished offices and meeting rooms
  • Part-time or Full-Time offices
  • Virtual office service, PO box address, fax and a customized phone number with personal answer.
  • Multilingual reception and outsourcing secretariat from Mon – Sat.
  • Many others services at your disposal according to your needs

In Office, Via Veneto. Your immediately available and tailor-made office to satisfy your business or public relations demands in Rome!

Our rental solutions – proposals:

  • Furnished and equipped, elegant and functional, offices ready to be used with one or more workstations, with private rooms and customized services, too;
  • Virtual offices, Instant Offices, Day Offices, (and offices rentable just for some hours), Co-Working Offices or Independent ones;
  • Technologically advanced offices;
  • Representative and prestigious offices;
  • Furnished, well-equipped, elegant, discrete and comfortable meeting rooms;
  • Rental of office equipments.

Reduce the time required for your initial investment

Our proposal allows you to push the timeline for:

  • Looking for an office to rent;
  • Concluding contracts for the utilities;
  • Picking your secretariat and cleaning staff;
  • Choosing furnishings and equipments.


Cut the cost of your initial investment

Optimise the costs of your start-up / launch for:

  • Furnishing office rooms, secretary’s offices/reception and toilets;
  • Buying faxes, copy machines, printers, scanners, and computers;
  • Restoring spaces;
  • Installing a system compliant with legal standards, a telephone line, and an air-conditioning system;
  • Connecting utilities.